Monday, February 21, 2011


“You have such a pretty face it doesn’t matter what your clothes look like”. 
“You are lucky to have those baby-bearing hips”.

“Well, what did your legs look like before”?  
-Doctor, checking on the 20 lbs. of water weight/swelling (per leg) after C-section
“We may have to go up a size on account of that ribcage of yours”.
-Tailor, while measuring me for wedding gown
“Hmmmmmmmmm.  Uh-huh."   (Long, thoughtful pause. Then, furrowed eyebrows, followed by deep exhale).  “Well.  I can see you are a strong woman honey, you’ll be able to get through anything.”    
-Fortune teller
“Don’t worry about the post baby weight.  There are so many beautiful full-figured women out there”.  “Just look at Queen Latifah”.
“You have these brief moments of pure brilliance”.  “It’s an enigma”.

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