Thursday, February 17, 2011


My cousin Christine's wedding shower is this weekend, which I am unfortunately unable to attend.  We were asked to come up with some favorite recipes, and I thought I'd share one of my old favorites here.

Monica’s Flying Burritos
Serves: Absolutely no purpose. 

-Go to city with husband to meet friends for a fun night out. 
-Consume several drinks, eat very little.
-At the end of the evening, accompany husband to ‘La Bamba’, and order a burrito as big as your head.
-Carry burrito back to car, and on the way, pick huge fight with husband.
-Get very angry with husband and launch burrito into the air, sending it sailing down the street.  Try to grab husband’s burrito to throw as well. 
-Make a huge scene to both entertain and horrify onlookers. 
-Sulk for entire ride home (speak not a word).
-Just before arriving home, ask husband if he can stop somewhere to get you something to eat.

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