Friday, January 10, 2014


What if…..we replace the words ‘Autism/PDD-NOS/Aspergers’ with a more generally accepted and understood medical diagnosis—like Asthma—and replace ‘behavior’ with ‘breathing’, etc. and then apply it to statements that parents/individuals with autism hear on a regular basis.  Sound absurd? You be the judge.

“OMG- he doesn’t have asthma.  I met him once a few years ago and I didn’t notice any trouble at all with his breathing”.

“They took him to the hospital again?  Talk about over-reacting.  Have they ever tried a humidifier”?

“My kids breathe like that too sometimes.  It’s called a cold”.

“That kid knows what she is doing.  I saw her skipping, running and playing and she didn’t have to use an inhaler for help once.  She should run for office one day”!

“I’ve worked with kids with asthma before.  I know one when I see one.  He is not it”.

“Maybe if they gave her more structure and discipline she could breathe right”. 

“I think it’s because of too much…. television
                                                            baby Einstein videos
                                                            media exposure
                                                            free time       
                                                            junk food
                                                            bad genes 
“It’s probably not enough………        exercising
                                                             fresh air

“She has what?!  But she’s so…         cute

“What that girl needs is a good spanking.  It’ll clear her bronchial airways right up”.

“Her mom probably didn’t eat right while pregnant with her”.

“He probably didn’t bond enough with his mother as a baby”.

“She probably didn’t get breast fed”.

“He was probably breast fed for too long”.

“I heard the Dad’s age has something to do with it”.

“Environmental factors?  Air quality?  What a crock.  Her parents just cant deal with it and need something to blame”.

“You’re changing his diet again?  [Insert eye roll]  ……right--as if food can trigger an allergic episode”. 

“I know he has asthma, but that is no excuse for him to not breathe right”.

“Wow you really have your hands full— I don’t know how you do it.  I don’t know what I would do if my child had asthma”.

“Stop dwelling on it already and just enjoy her”.

“I’m really worried about the influence she might have on my typically-breathing child”.

“Lol- -asthma.  Is that even a real diagnosis”?  

“I guess anyone can get a diagnosis these days”.

“Well, It’s obviously more than just asthma”.

“God only gives people with asthma to special parents.  You are a saint”. 

“Cases of asthma are not rising.  We are just better at recognizing it.   When I was younger we just called it ‘breathing-quirks’ “.

“So what if he is wheezing?  You don’t have to put a label on him”.  

“Seriously?  He has to be in a non-smoking environment?  I should limit my use of perfume and hair spray?  You can’t expect the world to revolve around his needs.  It’s really unfair to the other typically-breathing people”.

“OH!  Is that why she gets all those ‘special extras’ at school.  Must be nice”.

“Are you sure it’s asthma?  She doesn’t look like she has asthma.  She looks so--normal!  She must have the really high functioning kind of asthma”.

“He’ll grow out of it.”

“Why are you bothering with an inhaler and breathing treatments?  Just leave her alone and let it run its course”. 

“Oh his asthma’s improved?  He probably never had it to begin with.  Told you so”. 


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  3. Hi Chloe- I thought perhaps the 1st comment was spam/ I tried the link but it was broken- I removed it along w/your question. Thanks for reading!

  4. I was able to get to the link, and after I read the article about the "Spoon Theory," I did see the connection. (The "spoon theory" was a woman's spontaneous explanation to a friend's well-meaning question of what is it like to have your condition.) Sorry I reacted before reading far enough. GranDee's comment was okay but it seemed like spam until I followed the whole path to the point.