Monday, April 23, 2012

20 Questions

1.  What happened to your gum?
2.  Is that permanent marker?
3.  Why is there no poop in the kitty litter box?
4.  What is that smell?
5.   If you didn't EAT the food, then what happened to it?
6.  Why does my iPhone say I have 'new video' posted to You Tube?
7.  What happened to your underwear?
8.   Is that marker--or paint--on the dog?
9.   Why do I hear water running?
10.  How many times do I have to ask?
11.  Where are all the scissors?
12.  Why are there empty cheese wrappers under the bed?
13.  Did you actually eat the cheese?
14.  Is this melted chocolate?
15.  Why does my coffee taste like Windex?
16.  What did I just step in?
17.  What happened to all of my makeup?
18.  Why does it look like my shampoo is half filled with mouthwash?
19.  What do you mean 'what else' can you put in the washing machine?
20.  Are you serious?


  1. HILARIOUS!!!!

    Two new ones for me this morning:
    Why were you trying to put the kitty in the washing machine?
    Really? When did he start talking?

  2. Ha! Our cat talks as well-- apparently I can't hear him though, "because he only speaks Spanish".